Japan Trip November 2011.

Well this year in November was the BIA annual instructor’s trip to Japan, unfortunately this year Mr Ernest Blackburn could not attend as his commitments at home and with the BIA as newly elected president would not allow it, so our Chairman Mr Paul Chadburn had to go alone. It was a twelve day trip, and he was once again on our behalf off to train with our technical advisor for the BIA, Teruhisa Nanno Sensei Menkyo Kaiden, Hanshi 8th Dan, instructor of legitimate Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido.

Mr Chadburn landed in Japan on November the 12th at 9.30am and by 2pm was in Kozoji and Training with Nanno Sensei, and so began the ten, 8 hours a day training schedule. This was only interrupted by a welcome party which was held on the Sunday the 13th, by all the Guneikan DoJo members to welcome Paul back to Japan again, there was plenty to eat and drink and friendships where re-established, at the end of the evening a brief ceremony was done to close the occasion, and then everyone made their way to Kasugai station for the journey home.

“All in all this was probably my best trip yet” reported Mr Chadburn, “the kata that were covered and information given on certain aspects of these kata had to be learned from Sensei. Also certification was awarded to me from Nanno Sensei, to say that we have now mastered these techniques enough that we may now instruct them as his instructor’s in the UK, on behalf of Guneikan, his personal DoJo”.

“This does not mean that they are mastered but another piece of the puzzle has slipped into place, after all Iaido is not a destination more a goal”.

“We would however like to thank all members of Guneikan DoJo for their hospitality and patience, whilst we again stole their Sensei, for another ten days, and give sincere thanks to Teruhisa Nanno Sensei, for all the hard work and his own personal patience with us over the last 5 years, via the internet and also accommodating us in Japan”

“Thank you Sensei, for bearing with us and never losing patience”

Your student, disciple and friend on behalf of the British Iaido Association and Mr Ernest Blackburn BIA president, Paul

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