Teruhisa Nanno Sensei’s book “Iai–Do Japanese Sword Drawing Techniques and Spritual Training”

Iaido Manual

The British Iaido Association is proud to announce that after long talks with Teruhisa Nanno sensei he has agreed to send to us his manual “Iai–Do Japanese Sword Drawing Techniques and Spiritual Training”.

This manual is a must for all students of MJER, it is an in–depth look at all the forms and together with the DVD makes for an excellent reference point not only for ZNIR students but all students of Iaido. The manuals are as per the original in both Japanese and English, but it is a limited supply and will be sold on a first come basis, so to avoid disappointment order yours now!

The cost of the manual complete with DVD is £85.00 (plus £20.00 p&p)

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Iaido Manual

Iaido Manual Buy Teruhisa Nanno Sensei’s Book “Iai–Do Japanese Sword Drawing Techniques and Spiritual Training”.
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